Children literacy:(How children learn to read)


According to article Emergent Literacy : How Young Children Learn to Read and Write , there are two types of learning perspectives : Tradition and New

Tradition perspectives:

-Plan a program to make sure students are ready for the curriculum.

-Teach alphabet letters ,including the corresponding sounds and upper and lower case.

-Design a workbook and let students follow plans and activities on the workbook

-Make very little or no literacy connections with children's previous knowledge.

-Give a test to make sure those children who may be failing behind.

Children may fall behind further and further even teachers are giving them extra help.


New perspectives:

-Generate a class plan to attract students' literacy interests.

-Use classroom environment to promote student's involvement with literacy.

-Take advantage of writing tools, paper , magnetic letters, and alphabet chart in writing center

-Allow children to build on what they already know about literacy, help them understand literacy basic in their language- letters and related sounds.

-Understand that standardized text does not always reflect what a child learned.

Emphasize helping children to build on their previous knowledge and to make connection to new learning

Children , parents and teachers should not pay too much attention to what is lacking. Instead, they should be happy with each new learning by focusing on what is known.[1]


Children are encouraged to find a book they are interested in and to read the book in a comfortable place. A video below from Youtube provides a method to adults on how to encourage children to choose books they like.

How to empower children to choose their own books : [3]


[1]Dorothy.S. Strickiand : "Emergent Literacy : How Young Children Learn to Read and Write "Mar.1990Mar.1990