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PC or personal computer is not stranger to people now. Most of us are using a PC everyday. Laptop computer is one kind of personal computer of smaller sizes. It is convenient for people to bring laptop to outside. Also, the capabilities and sales price of personal computers can meet the needs of each individual user.
2404249232.jpgThe first computer does not look the same as those we are using now. It is very big and heavy. The first electronic digital computing device was named as Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC), which was built by professor John Atanasoff and graduate student Clifford Berry at Iowa State University between 1939 and 1942. This computer was not programmable and it could only be used to solve linear equations. [2] After the long-time renovation, the computers have been changed to the current form as we see now.



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Here is the link about a history of computer : http://www.dipity.com/Brainguitar/The_History_of_Computing/
Nowadays, PC is frequently used for almost every type of work or personal business. With the huge data base, people can get a lot of information through Internet in anywhere and at any time. One of the important use of computer is to share and get information immediately.

There are various application softwares useful in getting information. Therefore, people need to learn how to use a computer, for example, using Microsoft kidatcomputer-1-web.jpgword to create a document or using Movie-maker to make family movies. People have to understand computer literacy in order to use the literacy in daily work.



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