Picture books are favorite type of books for kids , and are the type of book which many adults use for children.

Reasons why picture books are the most popular book for young kids:

-Picture books are the most common books in children's literature.
-Pictures are more concrete straight forward, and shows details directly
-Children learn from concrete items -- read a picture to understand the story
-Texts and pictures can be complementary with each other-this makes a story much easier to understand for children


TOP10 picture books about starting school :


Teachers' Picks: Top 25 Picture Books


First nations books for children


Today, our contemporary culture provides children with many pictures in televisions & video games.The video posted below is a great picture book that people share on Youtube. It is called Driving My Tractor.

Driving My Tractor(originally from a picture book,hit two millions of viewers)

Link of Driving my tractor picture book:


Picture books can help people in all ages to understand words as well. Here is a great picture book for both adults and young kids in a morning show.

A Great children picture book make adults go wild too !! (Green Man series)

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV32uLQGFR8&feature=player_embeddedPicutre Books for Children